After five long, lonely years Fall Out Boy finally released a new single last week, “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘em Up).”  This long-awaited tune came with an announcement that a new album, “Save Rock and Roll,” will be dropping in May and the bonus news that the boys will be hitting the road for a tour.

Hardcore FOB fans everywhere jumped for joy at the reunion, but the release also stirred up the usual FOB haters. Not one to let detractors taint my exuberance for the new song and upcoming album, I wanted to counter their venom with the top five reasons why I will never be ashamed of loving Fall Out Boy.

  1. They are fun. FOB’s music makes you want to get up and either shake your booty or stomp around in a mosh pit, the lyrics are gleefully clever and their live shows are a total blast. Whether you’re wailing along to FOB while cruising down the freeway or watching their witty and often hilarious videos, one thing is always true: FOB makes for good times. These boys like to have fun and they are more than willing to invite us to the party.
  2. They have kick-ass lyrics and song titles. Even if you don’t appreciate the music, it’s hard to deny the brilliant use of irony in FOB lyrics. One of my favorites, “The best part of believe is the lie,” is a perfect example of their 21st century cynicism. And their song titles are often just as entertaining as the songs they herald, even if they usually seem to have absolutely nothing at all to do with what the song is about.
  3. They rock. FOB may be called “pop-punk” or “emo” but FOB still rocks – blazing guitar riffs and Patrick’s ground-shaking voice leave no room to mistake these boys as anything other than rock and roll, baby!
  4. They are consistent. Very few bands out there are as reliable as FOB when it comes to delivering exactly what their fans want – even when they’re changing it up a bit. Their last studio release, “Folie à Deux,” was something of a departure from earlier albums featuring collaborations with the likes of Panic! At the Disco, Elvis Costello and Lil Wayne, but it still delivered the familiar guitar hooks and anthem-like choruses that fans had come to expect.
  5. They have Peterick. Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz (Peterick… get it?) are one of the best collaborative teams in music. With Pete’s razor-sharp lyrics and Patrick’s killer compositions, FOB is able to make album after album that delivers from first track to last. And their on-stage bantering and tongue-in-cheek ribbing of one another (and the audience) only adds to the delightfully entertaining bromance that makes FOB so darn appealing.

What is your favorite Fall Out Boy song?

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Another Sundance Film Festival has come to a close. The rich and famous have left Utah and returned to Tinsel Town. But when this landmark film fest is over, the buzz is just getting started. Here’s a breakdown of the high points of this film fest, including the movies you’ll have to see, what the celebs wore outside their natural habitat and a few surprises that made Sundance 2013 an event to remember.

Big Winners

This year’s biggest winner was “Fruitvale,” a tragic, contemporary story that walked away with both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award in the U.S. Dramatic category. The film portrays the true story of a police shooting in Oakland, California that resulted in the death of a young black man and the outpouring of rage and protest that followed. It’s no surprise this gritty, gut-wrenching material won over the judges in Park City, Utah. It wowed the execs at The Weinstein Company as well, who snatched up the festival darling for just over $2 mil.

Another buzz-worthy film you’ll want to watch for is “The Way, Way Back,” a comedy that was picked up by FOX Searchlight for nearly $10 million. While the coming-of-age tale that stars Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Toni Collete and Maya Rudolph didn’t take away any prizes, they’re definitely not crying into their beer thanks to the huge wad of cash FOX put up to capture the distribution rights.

Festival Fashion

As always, the fashionistas were out in full force on the snowy streets of Park City. There was a combination of cozy couture and the usual winter wear regalia. It’s always great to see the stars rubbing elbows in jeans, chunky sweaters and flannels, but some celebs just can’t resist the chance to dress it up. Despite the frigid temps and falling snow, Nicole Kidman, Dakota Fanning and Kate Bosworth braved the elements in short hemlines and sky-high heels.

Fellas used the mountain setting as an excuse to scruff it up – Shia Labeouf, Daniel Radcliffe and even funnyman Steve Carrell were among the guys who made scruff look sexy at this year’s Sundance festival.

Sundance Surprises

The ladies were definitely representing this year, especially in the directing arena. Some of the strongest voices of the festival were female; in fact this is the first year that the number of entries by female directors equaled those of men in the U.S. Dramatic category. The women who blew us away with their artistic vision include Jerusha Hess (of the “Napoleon Dynamite” fame) who made her directorial debut with “Austenland” and Naomi Foner, who brought us “Very Good Girls,” a touching story centered on two young girls played by Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen.

Disney became part of a dystopian horror show in “Escape From Tomorrow,” a scream-fest that was filmed in secret at the Happiest Place on Earth. A typical family vacation goes awry when the main character loses his mind in Disneyland, turning every princess he sees into a ghoul and favorite rides into acid-trip nightmares. There are some potential legalities holding up the release of this film, so you might have to wait a while to destroy all your happy childhood memories at a screening of this terror ride.

All in all, it was another successful outing for indie films. What Sundance 2013 films are you most excited to see hit theaters?


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As the winter chill settles firmly into the marrow of our bones, having something cozy and inviting to look forward to keeps us going. Thankfully the gods of TV feel our pain and are delivering a remedy with the return of some of our favorite shows. There could be no better escape from the doldrums of winter than new episodes of these five sizzling shows.

“Mad Men”

Everybody’s favorite dysfunctional ad execs return in April with a two-hour premiere that is rumored to leave fans breathless for the rest of season six, thanks to a twisty cliffhanger ending.  For those of you who just can’t wait to revisit the swanky world of Sterling Cooper and want to make sure your appetite for a brand new installment is good and ready, you can catch encore episodes currently airing on AMC on Sundays.

“Doctor Who”

What better way to escape the dark, cold days of winter than to go gallivanting about the universe with the indomitable Doctor? Part two of season seven is set to begin on March 30. As the series enters its 50th anniversary year, fans can expect nonstop thrills and action. In honor of the momentous occasion, die-hards will be treated to some classic “Doctor Who” villains and there are even rumors swirling that the shape-shifting Zygons may return.

“Game of Thrones”

If you’ve been pining for some good, old-fashioned medieval ass-kicking, then HBO will make all your dreams come true, starting March 31, when “Game of Thrones” returns for its third season. The fantasy series based on the “Song of Ice and Fire” novels, by George R. R. Martin, is gearing up to give fans more than ever, with each episode of the upcoming season being three to four minutes longer than in the past. That means more evil from Joffrey, the boy-king and more action on the fields of battle in war-torn Westeros.

“Arrested Development”

If the frost and bite of the season have hardened your funny bone you can rest easy knowing that “Arrested Development” is making a triumphant 14-episode return this spring. Thanks to Netflix, fans who’ve been dying to catch up with the delightfully dysfunctional Bluth family will finally get to tune in to brand-new hilarious horrors this May. No sense of humor will be able to remain in hibernation once this streaming dream-come-true hits the airwaves.

“Dancing with the Stars”

Could there be any better way to heat things up than with the shirtless, shimmying shenanigans of America’s favorite dance competition? If the dull, gray tones of winter have left you feeling a little comatose then the resurgence of sequins and feathers when DWTS returns on March 18 is sure to jolt you right back to life. And if you need a little pick-me-up before March 18, then go to the official website and tell ABC which celebs you want to see shaking their money-makers on season 16.

What show will turn up the heat for you?

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It looks like 2013 is starting out by granting all our fondest wishes –including a new single by Mr. Sexyback himself, Justin Timberlake. The wait is finally over; JT dropped a new tune on Sunday and those of us who have been mourning the loss of his sexy single status can now throw ourselves into his dulcet vocals.

The single, “Suit and Tie,” is true to Timberlake’s R&B roots and, even though it isn’t quite the game-changer that “SexyBack” was, it still makes me want to get up and dance. It’s taken us six years to get a new song from our favorite boy and listening to his assured, suave falsetto gets me going as strong as ever.

The tune itself is an ode to putting on your swag and hitting the dance floor. As always, his lyrics make you ready to get down with your dance partner. Jay-Z makes a cameo, calling everyone to don some Tom Ford (among others) and strut it in a tux for no reason.

Ever the coy boy, JT started dropping hints last week via Twitter about the possibility of an upcoming song release. It all started the evening of January 9, when Timberlake threw out an elusive tweet that said, “Thursday, January 10th, 9:01 am, PST…”

The tweet set the world abuzz with speculation about JT finally leaving the silver screen and getting back into the studio with a new album. As promised, the former boy bander rewarded the masses with another teasing tweet on Thursday morning that directed fans to a clip of the artist walking into a recording studio, where he does his own voice over explaining his process with producing new music that he (and hopefully the fans) will love. And that is something that, according to Mr. Timberlake, you just have to wait for.

On Sunday, the sadistic JT tease was over and we all got our first listen of “Suit and Tie.” And it sounds like it was certainly worth waiting for – the single is already a hit on iTunes, climbing to the top of the iTunes chart within its first 24-hours. Only time will tell if this ditty will reach far beyond the sound waves and lead to a worldwide resurgence of men dressed to the nines, and “suiting up.”

In fact, this song may become the new theme song for “How I Met Your Mother’s” Barney Stinson, given the devotion to fine dressing and the ever-present JT sexy overtones. And, if this first peek is any indication of the full album to follow, I think it will definitely be legendary.

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