5 Reasons Not to be Ashamed of Loving FOB

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by Brooke on February 11, 2013

After five long, lonely years Fall Out Boy finally released a new single last week, “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘em Up).”  This long-awaited tune came with an announcement that a new album, “Save Rock and Roll,” will be dropping in May and the bonus news that the boys will be hitting the road for a tour.

Hardcore FOB fans everywhere jumped for joy at the reunion, but the release also stirred up the usual FOB haters. Not one to let detractors taint my exuberance for the new song and upcoming album, I wanted to counter their venom with the top five reasons why I will never be ashamed of loving Fall Out Boy.

  1. They are fun. FOB’s music makes you want to get up and either shake your booty or stomp around in a mosh pit, the lyrics are gleefully clever and their live shows are a total blast. Whether you’re wailing along to FOB while cruising down the freeway or watching their witty and often hilarious videos, one thing is always true: FOB makes for good times. These boys like to have fun and they are more than willing to invite us to the party.
  2. They have kick-ass lyrics and song titles. Even if you don’t appreciate the music, it’s hard to deny the brilliant use of irony in FOB lyrics. One of my favorites, “The best part of believe is the lie,” is a perfect example of their 21st century cynicism. And their song titles are often just as entertaining as the songs they herald, even if they usually seem to have absolutely nothing at all to do with what the song is about.
  3. They rock. FOB may be called “pop-punk” or “emo” but FOB still rocks – blazing guitar riffs and Patrick’s ground-shaking voice leave no room to mistake these boys as anything other than rock and roll, baby!
  4. They are consistent. Very few bands out there are as reliable as FOB when it comes to delivering exactly what their fans want – even when they’re changing it up a bit. Their last studio release, “Folie à Deux,” was something of a departure from earlier albums featuring collaborations with the likes of Panic! At the Disco, Elvis Costello and Lil Wayne, but it still delivered the familiar guitar hooks and anthem-like choruses that fans had come to expect.
  5. They have Peterick. Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz (Peterick… get it?) are one of the best collaborative teams in music. With Pete’s razor-sharp lyrics and Patrick’s killer compositions, FOB is able to make album after album that delivers from first track to last. And their on-stage bantering and tongue-in-cheek ribbing of one another (and the audience) only adds to the delightfully entertaining bromance that makes FOB so darn appealing.

What is your favorite Fall Out Boy song?

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