Amy Winehouse Grabbing Headlines in Wake of Coroner’s Resignation

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by Brooke on February 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Some people never stop making headlines, even once they’ve left this world. Such is the fate of Amy Winehouse, this time thanks to the unexpected resignation of the coroner who conducted the inquest into the troubled singer’s untimely death last summer.

Suzanne Greenaway, the Assistant Deputy Coroner who ruled in October that Winehouse’s cause of death was accidental alcohol poisoning, resigned in November after it was found out that she had not been a registered lawyer in the UK for the required number of years. The resignation was kept a secret until earlier this week.

The resignation leaves everyone wondering if the inquest into Winehouse’s death will be re-opened. Greenaway’s husband, Andrew Reid, who is also a London coroner, stated that he would be willing to perform any of his wife’s inquests again if such a request were made by the families. Winehouse’s family has not yet made any such request, but word is they are consulting with attorneys on the matter.

In another twist, Reid actually appointed Greenaway to her post, casting even more aspersion on her record and her suspect qualifications for the job. In his defense, Reid released a statement saying that he believed his wife’s years as a registered lawyer in Australia, her native country, was enough to qualify her for the appointment. His statement must have worked because The Camden Council, who investigated the matter, declared it believes Reid “made an error in good faith.”

Amy Winehouse, whose body was discovered on July 23rd in her London home, waged a very public battle with drugs and alcohol. Her death, while not surprising to those who watched her exploits in the tabloids and on stage for years, still had a huge impact on those who loved her and also on the music world. Dying at the age of 27 put Winehouse in the famous “27 Club,” which includes other troubled stars, like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, whose lights also went out too early and at the same age.

Winehouse’s death was rife with speculation between those who assumed she’d finally succumbed to her addictions and others who felt she had finally been on the road to recovery and believed there had to be some other reason for the tragedy. All speculation was put to rest, however, when Greenaway’s report was released, claiming that, at the time of her death, the singer had consumed a “very large quantity of alcohol.” So large that it was more than five times over Britain’s legal limit for drunk-driving.

This new development leaves it up in the air as to whether her family will make one last-ditch effort to try to find a different reason for her death or whether they will decide to let the supremely talented “Rehab” singer rest in peace.

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