Spring Saviors – Top 5 TV Shows to Save You From the Winter Blues

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by Lisa on January 24, 2013

As the winter chill settles firmly into the marrow of our bones, having something cozy and inviting to look forward to keeps us going. Thankfully the gods of TV feel our pain and are delivering a remedy with the return of some of our favorite shows. There could be no better escape from the doldrums of winter than new episodes of these five sizzling shows.

“Mad Men”

Everybody’s favorite dysfunctional ad execs return in April with a two-hour premiere that is rumored to leave fans breathless for the rest of season six, thanks to a twisty cliffhanger ending.  For those of you who just can’t wait to revisit the swanky world of Sterling Cooper and want to make sure your appetite for a brand new installment is good and ready, you can catch encore episodes currently airing on AMC on Sundays.

“Doctor Who”

What better way to escape the dark, cold days of winter than to go gallivanting about the universe with the indomitable Doctor? Part two of season seven is set to begin on March 30. As the series enters its 50th anniversary year, fans can expect nonstop thrills and action. In honor of the momentous occasion, die-hards will be treated to some classic “Doctor Who” villains and there are even rumors swirling that the shape-shifting Zygons may return.

“Game of Thrones”

If you’ve been pining for some good, old-fashioned medieval ass-kicking, then HBO will make all your dreams come true, starting March 31, when “Game of Thrones” returns for its third season. The fantasy series based on the “Song of Ice and Fire” novels, by George R. R. Martin, is gearing up to give fans more than ever, with each episode of the upcoming season being three to four minutes longer than in the past. That means more evil from Joffrey, the boy-king and more action on the fields of battle in war-torn Westeros.

“Arrested Development”

If the frost and bite of the season have hardened your funny bone you can rest easy knowing that “Arrested Development” is making a triumphant 14-episode return this spring. Thanks to Netflix, fans who’ve been dying to catch up with the delightfully dysfunctional Bluth family will finally get to tune in to brand-new hilarious horrors this May. No sense of humor will be able to remain in hibernation once this streaming dream-come-true hits the airwaves.

“Dancing with the Stars”

Could there be any better way to heat things up than with the shirtless, shimmying shenanigans of America’s favorite dance competition? If the dull, gray tones of winter have left you feeling a little comatose then the resurgence of sequins and feathers when DWTS returns on March 18 is sure to jolt you right back to life. And if you need a little pick-me-up before March 18, then go to the official website and tell ABC which celebs you want to see shaking their money-makers on season 16.

What show will turn up the heat for you?

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