The Top Ten TV Characters I Want to Be Friends With

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by Brooke on December 27, 2011 · 0 comments

With all the time we tend to spend with our favorite families, offices and glee clubs as they play their lives out for us on the tube, it’s easy to feel like we know the characters personally. But if there was a magical, TV fairy who could grant our wish to hang out with some of these entertaining personalities, who would you really want to spend an evening with? Here’s my list of TV characters I’d love the chance to hang with as friends in the real world.

Jules, Cougar Town

There is one major reason that an evening with Jules would be a delight. She, like me, believes that wine makes everything better – even neighborhood watch. Hells yeah!

Barney, How I Met Your Mother

How could you not want to hang out with womanizing, sharp-dressed Barney? We could jam to his Get Psyched mix CD, catch a mean game of laser tag, try a brand new pickup scheme and have a night that would totally be LEGEN-…wait for it…DARY!

Brian, Family Guy

I might want to actually be more than friends with Brian. Not only would we knock back a martini or twelve, but Brian is someone with whom you could really have an intelligent conversation…and if he felt like belting out a tune or two at karaoke (something by Frank Sinatra, preferably) that would just be the cherry on top!

Cam and Mitchell, Modern Family

Even though they weren’t able to show Claire the wild time she was looking for on her one free night, I have no doubt that chumming around with the adorable pair would be a blast! You never know what might happen, whether Cam is donning his clown persona or Mitchell is breaking out into a flash mob at the mall, with these two around, never a dull moment would be found.

Marge, The Simpsons

On the surface, Marge seems like the quintessential boring housewife; however, when she gets a wild hair to join the police force or drive a monster truck she dives in wholeheartedly. Hanging with Marge would not only afford plenty of opportunities for Martha Stewart-esque household tips, but might also provide some delightfully unexpected surprises.

Rachel Green, Friends

Yes, I know the show finished in 2004 and my extreme fandom is still going strong, but I just can’t deny my love for Rachel Karen Green. Not only did she have one of the most iconic hair styles for years, she is just all around stunning. And then there’s our shared love for shopping and owning pretty things. I would love to go wander down 5th Avenue with the glamorous gal and get the best fashion advice around. And after we could go dish about the men in our lives over coffee at Central Perk.

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

She’s Carrie Bradshaw, she wrote for VOGUE, and she has a rent controlled apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, I don’t just want to be her friend; I want to be her.

Dwight, The Office

This may seem like a strange choice – but could you imagine being with an actual person who behaved like Dwight? Just letting him do his thing and watching how people react to his often creepy quirks would be entertainment enough. Yeah, kicking it with Dwight would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance that I wouldn’t pass up!

Elka Ostrovsky, Hot in Cleveland

There certainly wouldn’t be a dull moment with her around. After all, her first husband was in the mob and came back from the dead, she’s about the foxiest and friskiest elderly woman in all of Cleveland, and she has a deep love for gooey cheese fries. What’s not to love about Elka?!

Jack and Karen, Will & Grace

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these two? Drinking with abandon, flinging insults without discrimination and Karen footing the bill for a shopping trip or two to Barney’s – what’s not to love?


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