Top 13 Steve-O Tattoos: Think Before You Ink

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by Brooke on April 25, 2012 · 0 comments

Self-deprecating stuntman, Steve-o wants you to laugh at his tattoos, so much so that he has a gallery of them called “Dumb Tattoos” on his official website.

Steve-O admitted in an interview with Inked Magazine, “Every one of my tattoos is stupid as hell,” and we have photographic proof that the “Jackass” star isn’t lying.

For his birthday, Steve-O commissioned Kat Von D to create this tattoo of himself as a baby, which he describes as “a portrait of a very good-looking two-year-old.”

Steve-O went through a creepy phase in which he copied a number of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. This “Billy Bob” tattoo resembles one that Jolie had at one time as a tribute to her then husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie later had the tattoo removed after the couple divorced, but Steve-O kept it around.

This confession of small proportions shows just how far Steve-O will go to get a reaction. Unfortunately, he noticed a few days after getting the tattoo that “wiener” was misspelled.

Here we have another Angelina Jolie copycat tattoo. This time, the design imitates a prayer written in Khmer script for Jolie’s son, Maddox.

Steve-O has a very sad looking lightning bolt on his hand to answer for. This tattoo looks like something that was drawn with a red pen during math class and not quite completed before the bell rang.

Steve-O claims that he got this marijuana leaf tattoo in France to help him score weed in foreign countries.

What appears to be a child’s drawing of a happy face was actually tattooed while Steve-O was in the back of a moving truck, filming a segment for one of the “Jackass” movies.

Steve-O bridges gang wars in this warm and fuzzy truce between the Bloods and the Crips. The tattoo was a “Christmas gift” from Steve-O’s friend, 50 Cent, who had his own official tattoo artist create the design. Steve-O explains, “It’s either a sign of peace or an act of suicide. It’s a blood hand lock.”

In a sea of terrible Steve-O tattoos, this lifelike portrait of Steve-O himself certainly stands out. I guess it gives his friends the opportunity to see his face, no matter where they’re standing. The design above Steve-O is what he calls a “Celtic Batman.” Steve-O randomly selected this at a tattoo parlor and admits, “It’s not in the center and it’s lopsided. Thank God I got that humongous back tattoo by Jack Rudy to draw attention away from it.”

This collection of symbols, which looks like they might have been stolen straight from a 16-year-old’s art project, actually has a very important meaning to Steve-O. An eyeball + a heart + the number two + a bone = “I love to bone.”

Steve-O initially chose the face in this image because it was the logo of Sonny’s Bar and Grill in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After the bar closed down, Steve-O had the sword added, saying “It looks like I killed Santa Claus—or Jerry Garcia.”

Steve-O transformed himself into a walking billboard with this logo for the XYZ clothing company, which, like another company he immortalized in a tattoo, has gone out of business.

Steve-O mixes metaphors in this Christian fish symbol bearing the label “Satan.” It’s confusing. It’s controversial. It’s Steve-O.

Do you think Steve-O is being ironic with his choice of tattoos or does he just have bad taste?

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