Top 5 Celebs to Spend New Year’s Eve With

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by Brooke on December 26, 2012

There’s plenty of hype surrounding the holiday season and we all know that New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. Have you decided who you want to ring in the New Year with? While you may have a special someone to kiss as the clock strikes midnight, there may also be a celeb or two you’d like to ring in 2013 with. Here are our top five, in no particular order.

Kim Kardashian

If your favorite aspect of watching the ball drop is getting a new outfit, there’s no one better than Kim Kardashian to help you pick out your New Year’s Eve outfit. Shopping with Kim would be a lot of fun and she would have you looking great from head to toe before you head to a cocktail party with all her famous friends. If you’re really lucky, Kim may even dress you in one of her own signature designs. With strappy high heels and a sparkly mini skirt for the ladies and a tailored suit and cufflinks for the men, Kim is sure to be a favorite celebrity shopping partner.

Justin Bieber

If you need a song or two to help you celebrate the New Year, then Justin Bieber is the next pick. Justin is young enough to know where all of the good parties are and he’s well connected so you could meet some big names. A night of dancing and partying at the club has to be your style to hang with Justin on New Year’s Eve. Mingle with Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepson and maybe even Usher for the evening because these are some of people the Biebs hangs out with on a regular basis.  And when it’s time for the Baby New Year to enter, Justin can serenade with one of his hit songs. Plus, you know you’ll be safe no matter what crowd you’re in because Bieber always has plenty of bodyguards protecting him.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp certainly tops the list for many women and not just for New Year’s. Not only has he played many versatile roles on the big screen, but he’s certainly easy on the eyes. Depp seems to be a low-key celeb, so he’d be right at home with a fancy, candle-lit dinner you make together. And who could resist his smoldering good looks when it’s time to kiss at midnight? A romantic and relaxing evening is certainly in store with Johnny Depp.

Paula Deen

What’s a party without some great food? Paula Deen needs to be invited to any New Year’s party to cook up one of her delicious, buttery dishes. No matter what’s on the menu, Paula will certainly add some Southern charm. And Paula is certainly a gracious hostess, so everyone will feel welcome at a party with her. She’ll talk with your chatty aunt all night long or keep your dad company, passing out all types of tasty treats to the guests in the meantime.

Ellen DeGeneres

If it’s laughs you’re after this New Year’s Eve, Ellen DeGeneres is your lady. She’s got a great sense of humor (obviously) so she’ll be sure to keep you entertained and you’ll ring in the New Year with a smile. And when it’s time to hit the dance floor, Ellen will even show you a move or two. She’s known for her dancing skills on her afternoon talk show so she’ll surely bust out some of those dance moves. Plus, who wouldn’t want to party with Ellen, Portia, and all of their friends? Talk about a fun event!

Who tops your list of celebrities to spend New Year’s Eve with?

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