Zombie Lady Gaga Tattoo – Is There Any Other Kind?

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by Brooke on October 31, 2011 · 0 comments

I think someone may have already eaten this dude’s brains. How much of a pop-culture zombie do you have to be to combine two of the most blatant, fly-by-night trends into something you’ll still be sporting when wrinkles, erectile dysfunction and grandchildren take over? Well, grandchildren might be a stretch – from the looks of this, I’m not sure this guy is now –or ever will be – getting laid. This Gaga looks a little bit more like a twisted Alice in Wonderland with a nasty case of a flesh-eating virus. But I guess that’s pretty close to what all those “little monsters” are so drawn to and are always “putting their paws up” about. If he wanted to be controversial why not a Mother Teresa Lady Gaga? For a man who seems to dig pinups (based on his other tats) I think his street cred may have just crashed like Wall Street on Black Thursday.

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